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Adams, John13.113.10
Adams, Tom14.714.70
Ainslie, Mike27.927.90
Aird, Andrew20.120.10
Aitken, Brian17.117.10
Aitken, James23.923.90
Alexander, Brian6.36.30
Allan, Brian17.117.10
Allan, IanAWAY0
Allan, Joseph20.520.50
Allardice, DavidAWAY0
Allardice, Steve15.615.60
Allison, GaryAWAY0
Allison-Old, Gary12.312.30
Anderson, George20.320.30
Anderson, Hugh17.217.20
Anderson, Iain15.715.70
Anderson, James2.32.30
Anderson, LyleAWAY0
Anderson, Robert11.311.30
Anderson, Roddy18.118.10
Anderson, Scott6.16.10
Andrew, Greg22.422.40
Andrew, John11.811.80
Andrews, Gordon25.225.20
Andrews, Tom25.625.60
Argyle, Colin15.015.00
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11.12.2023 08:02
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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies , Fairway Mats Main greens are in play. Single seat buggies may be used.
  • 2023-12-11
  • 2023-12-12
  • 2023-12-13
  • 2023-12-14
  • 2023-12-15
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