Winter Programme 2019/20

Some of the work carried out by our hard working Greens Staff

10th GREEN- Repaired the wet area on the 10th green. This required removing the turf, digging out a layer of clay and installing 4 inch drainage. It was then back filled with a free draining sand based root zone and turfed using the original turf.
2 drainage channels were then installed on the approach at the front of the green with areas of low ground being raised and levelled to prevent standing water.

11th GREEN- The approach at the left hand side of the green and around the bunker has been raised and levelled to remove the steep banking. The left hand side of the green has been raised and levelled which will allow the green to be extended and in turn will create additional pin positions and bring the bunker into play.
A 4 inch drain has also been installed across the full approach at the front of the green to help drain the usual wet areas and various hollows have been raised and levelled with the aim of eliminating standing water.

12th HOLE- A 4 inch permanently open vertical drain has been installed in the semi rough at the 12th hole which is covered by a vented drain cover. This drain has been installed in the lowest point of the ground and as the burn levels rise this area normally floods. The aim is when the burn levels subside the open vertical drain will allow this area of ground to drain quickly without the need for open ditches.

TREE WORK- As we are entering our final year of the tree felling programme various spruce trees and Leylandii have been removed on the course. Most recently the Leylandii behind the 18th green have been removed along with 5 spruce trees at the 15th tee and the group of spruce trees between the 15th and 18th fairway. These trees have been removed as they are restricting the nearby native hardwood trees from growing and it also improves the ground conditions, in particular the greens by improving air flow and light to encourage healthy turf.

All stumps have been removed by stump grinder and the debris cleared.

Tree planting will also be taking place in this years winter programme. These will mainly be planted where the spruce trees have been removed and will be ongoing in the next 2 years.

DRAINAGE- The drainage ditch at the right of the second has been extended and made deeper to improve the drainage in this area. All drainage ditches in the woods at the 5th tees and along the path at the 4th green have been cleared of leaves.

BUNKERS- The bunker at the left of the of the 9th green has been filled and the wet area next to that bunker has been re-turfed.
The bunker at the right of the 10th has been reduced in size and the banking around the bunker has been removed.
The bunker at the 11th has been reduced in size and the face has been re-shaped and turfed.
Various bunkers will be topped up with sand throughout the months of February and March and sand in most of the bunkers will be levelled and pushed back up the face.

AERATION WORK- Our aeration programme has been ongoing throughout the winter months. Hollow coring all greens and tees began at the start of October followed by top dressing. Verti draining and micro tining has been carried out on greens and tees due to the wet and mild winter we have had. A final verti drain on all greens followed by a top dressing is planned for the start of March.

Ronnie Montgomery
Head Greenkeeper

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