Loudoun Gowf Club has a fully fitted out golf simulator within the clubhouse called the 'Gowf Lounge'. This impressive facility is situated in a purpose built room at the rear of the building adjacent to the Men's Locker Room.

The Gowf Lounge was funded following a successful membership crowdfund and the construction of the facility was completed by several members who volunteered their time and expertise to create what is an impressive golfing space.

Included in the world list of elite courses for members to play, is our very own Loudoun course which you can play virtually with the added benefit of not getting your ball wet if/when it lands in the burn! The visual representation of our own course has to be seen to be believed, it is uncanny!

The pricing policy for use of the 'Gowf Lounge' has been reviewed and for a single player it is £5.00 per hour and for two players or more it will be £10 per hour with a maximum of 4 players per session.